Monday, March 10, 2008

28 Places to See Before You Die

I like lists. If for no other reason then to see what people think is important about a matter. I like to see if I agree, and how much of their list I have participated in, either by reading or visiting (as in this case).

This one is no different. Smithsonian Magazine, in January 2008, listed 28 places to see before you die. My list isn't the same. But this one was interesting.

  1. Mesa Verde
  2. Pompeii
  3. Tikal
  4. Petra
  5. Pyramids of Giza
  6. Taj Mahal
  7. Easter Island
  8. The Great Wall
  9. Aurora Borealis
  10. Serengeti
  11. Iguazu Falls
  12. Machu Picchu
  13. The Louvre
  14. Zen Garden of Kyoto
  15. Uffizi Gallery
  16. Fallingwater
  17. Yangtze River
  18. Antarctica
  19. Mount Kilimanjaro
  20. Grand Canyon
  21. Pagan, Myanmar
  22. Parthenon
  23. Angkor Wat
  24. Ephesus
  25. Venice
  26. Amazon Rain Forest
  27. Great Barrier Reef
  28. Galapagos Island

I only have 26 to go, if I follow their list.

But for me, the list would be different.

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