Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Suggested Hymn Tune

A friend of mine recently posted a version of Psalm 46 from the Psalter on his blog, set to the tune by Samuel Ward most commonly known as "America the Beautiful." I like Ward's tune and think it fits the theme of "America the Beautiful" quite well. I found it less satisfying when accompanying the truth of Psalm 46. My mind kept seeing images of flags and fireworks for some reason.

So I set out to try my hand again at composition, something I have not done in quite some time. I have considered poking a needle in my eye as an alternative to putting for a hymn tune for critique. But I decided the risk of cyber pain is marginally better than the risk of ruining a contact lens. And perhaps critique might enhance any further attempts (or discourage them as the case may be).

So here, for whatever it's worth, is my suggestion for a hymn tune that might fit the themes of Psalm 46 with some propriety.

I think the themes of Psalm 46, while directed specifically to Israel, have great encouragement for the church and should draw forth genuine worship as we contemplate the greatness of God who sovereignly rules over this world and who invites our confident rest in him as he pursues his own glory among the nations.

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