Saturday, February 10, 2007

Video from an Emerging Church

Steve McCoy has posted a video from Solomon's Porch, the church of Doug Pagitt who recently spoke at the National Pastor's Convention and contributed to the book, Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches, a "five-views" kind of book.

This will be an instructive video for those interested in seeing a short presentation of life inside an emerging church. It will confirm much of what you think.

It will also tempt you to think they are all alike. They aren't. So don't think that. Pagitt is much closer to the position of Brian McLaren than he is to Mark Driscoll (who also spoke at the NPC and contributed to the book Listening to the Beliefs of Emergent Churches).

Updated to fix links and spelling. Sorry Steve.


Steve said...

Thanks for the link, bro. But it's "McCoy." :)

Larry said...

I actually knew that. I don't know why I put K. Sorry ...

tjp said...


Emergent "Christianity" is nothing new. It's really the '60's "christianity" of the hippies come to life in their offspring and grandchildren. This shouldn't surprise us.

Consider for a moment the similarities between early hippie "christianity" of the San Franciso counterculture and the current emergents:

1. Their rejection of authority is the same.

2. Their desire for a "communal" experience is the same.

3. their emphasis on "this world" is the same.

4. Their never-ending search for truth is the same; their rejection of societal norms is the same.

5. Their counter-cultural lifestyle is the same.

6. Their hostility to an orderly Christianity is the same.

7. And their reinterpretation of the faith is the same.

We could go on. But all this is reminescent of the perverted religious ideals of those early "coffee house" christianity advocates who found their spiritual experience not in the Lordship of Christ but in pot and LSD.

In the end, drugs and sex will be the mainstay of the emergents, just as it was with their parents and grandparents. And they will quickly exhange the revealed religion of Scipture for the world religion of peace and prosperity.