Monday, January 08, 2007

On Second Thought

I have no problem with an OSU-Michigan rematch, perhaps in the Holiday Bowl or something. Clearly, neither team deserves to be in the talk about the national championship. When the season ended, I thought OSU was clearly the top team in the nation with USC the second best team. Florida has simply manhandled OSU, embarrassed them, and run them off the field.

With eight minutes to go, I would be surprised if Urban Meyer didn't score another time or two.

Apparently, Meyer is not a politician. He certainly campaigned to get in this game, but then he actually did what he said he would do. Politicians are good at the first; not so much at the second.

Barring some great catastrophe, like the ground opening up and swallowing the Florida team, this game is over.

The Fat Lady is done warming up. She is on the stage.

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brian Jones said...

Yep, I'm shocked. So I guess we were all wrong—you, me, and the BCS selection process. Well, you and the BCS were more right than I was. At least you had the final #1 in the right bowl. But apparently Florida should have been playing USC for all the Tostitos. Win/Loss records? Forget about them. We need a new metric, maybe points for and against, to decide the best teams.

Or perhaps we need, in the immortal word of Jim Mora Sr., "Playoffs?"