Monday, October 23, 2006

Not Making This Up

I was in one our institutions of public education today, helping to gather children for a release time Bible class that is hosted at our church monthly. I ran into a fellow that has attended the church here some, and had a good conversation. Then I turned to look at a plaque on the wall.

It had about six or seven annual awards (which meant that it wasn't a new plaque). And it was titled:

Green Piece Environmental Patrons.

I did a double take, and then a triple. I racked my brain to see if I perhaps I was missing something. But to the best of my knowledge (and Google's as well), I am not. The organization in mind is surely Green Peace.

But how can you expect educators to recognize homonyms??

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brian Jones said...

You HAVE to go back and get a digital photo of this. It is just too precious to leave in story form only.